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Handheld inkjet printer operating procedures

Hand-held inkjet printer operating procedures     1. Subject content and scope of application:     This operating method rules the handheld inkjet printer and matters needing attention.   2. View and start up    1. Take out the hand-held inkjet printer from the packing box and install the special ink cartridge.   2. Turn on the power of the handheld printer.   3. Check whether the content of the code is correct, if not, import the code from the beginning or modify the content from the beginning.  4. Check whether the power is sufficient. If the power is insufficient, use it after charging.   5. Print a message for a test to check whether the settings are correct and whether the print quality is outstanding.   3. Ink code on the product     1. Click the print button on the main menu to enter the printing status.  2. Hold the handle of the printer and press the roller on the front of the printer to the surface of the product.  3. Press the print switch on the handle, and then hold the cij printer to move smoothly from left to right in a straight line. Pay attention to keep the scroll wheel touching the surface of the product to roll during the movement.  4. If you stop printing for more than five minutes halfway while using quick-drying ink cartridges, and if you stop printing for more than 10 minutes halfway while using normal ink cartridges, remove the ink cartridge and install the cartridge maintenance cover.   5. After printing, place the cij printer with the handle down, and handle it gently.  Four. Shut down and register    1. Press the print button to exit the printing status.  2. Press the power button to turn off the power of the handheld cij printer.   3. Take out the ink cartridge and close the dedicated maintenance cover of the ink cartridge.   4. If the printer is dirty and dusty, wipe it with a clean soft cloth.   4. When the printer is not in use, it is necessary to store it in a cool and dry place.  5. Matters needing attention    1. The handheld inkjet printer should be operated and operated by a dedicated person, and no one else should operate it.    2. If an abnormality is found during operation, the operation should be stopped and the repairer should be notified.  3. In order to prevent a production suspension from running out of ink cartridges, at least one spare ink cartridge should be provided.

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