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Handheld jet. the common problems and the analysis of the solution

Handheld jet. the common problems and solving methods to analyze source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 7 0

handheld spurt the code machine is one of the most common in the printing equipment, convenient belongs to spurt the code machine, small, lightweight, portable and the operation is very simple, but this kind of convenient type of machine is only suitable for use in some demand is not high processing plant use, higher requirements for the spray printing enterprise is not suitable for use. While holding a spurt the code machine technology is constantly improving, but any equipment in use increases with time will face failure, when fault occurs when they need to repair can continue to use the machine. Below small make up to you to sort out a few questions about handheld jet. the common fault and the corresponding solution:

1, mobile phone jet. the life problem: holding a spurt the code machine and something like we used to use the flashlight, is the need to use batteries to lighting, different flashlight is different to the requirement of the battery, so carrying the same to spurt the code machine is need to choose the suitable battery can, otherwise it will affect the work effect and spray printing effect. When the handheld stenciling opportunities to the last question, we have two ways to solve: a, prepare some spare batteries, when there is prompt alarm when in a timely manner to replace the battery, and give no battery to charge. B, the use of uninterruptible power supply, suitable for online use, often leaves out the replacement battery trival, more convenient.

2, handheld spurt the code machine cannot boot problems: under normal circumstances because jet. the batteries or damage cause can not charge, this kind of situation you just need to change the battery. Abnormal cases may lead to failure because of poor contact, suggest check connections mouth is normal, if still cannot solve the problem with contact contact, professional and technical personnel for repair, please.

3, handheld spurt the code machine spurts India ineffective problem: spray printing fuzzy information, the information is not complete, showed abnormal, and so on and so forth.

4, handheld appears black screen laser marking machine can't normal operation problem: when the normal boot to cij printer can not enter the home page interface operation we can through the cable to connect computers for flash, in other words is the reorganization of the system, if not can contact the manufacturer.

5, the hand to spurt the code machine, variable information can't normal spray printing problems: due to the variable information is in need of related software and system support, so when buying handheld jet. the should with suppliers for technical confirmation, the easiest solution is to contact the manufacturer, the demand for software upgrade to restore normal spray printing variable information.

6, mobile phone spurt the code machine do not spray printing problems: this kind of problem is caused by the electric eye, sensor damage, poor contact, so the solution is to check whether synchronizer, spray printing calculator software to work properly, if it is damaged it should be a timely replacement, businesses should own this kind of delicate components.

all in all a handheld spurt the code machine malfunction problem belongs to the normal phenomenon, the machine is in use process will appear more or less problem, should find the problem and timely solve won't affect the use and effect of jet printing. In addition to the regular maintenance of equipment is also very necessary, only check for regular maintenance can increase the service life of the spurt the cij printer.

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