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High-resolution inkjet printer daily maintenance knowledge articles

1. It is best to use the high-resolution inkjet printer continuously every day, and just cover the inkjet printer cover after daily use. If you want to edit the content or operate other actions, and the time is more than three minutes, it is best to pause the coding and close the lid of the printer. If the jet dock is exposed to the air for too long, the ink may solidify at the nozzle, and in severe cases, the nozzle may be blocked. 2. Spray the nozzle with cleaning agent. After using the cij printer the day before, cover the inkjet printer cover. The next day before use, spray the nozzle with cleaning agent. The angle between the nozzle and the horizontal is 45 degrees. Use the cleaning agent spray can to face the nozzle. Spray the cleaning agent two or three times to melt the ink that has dried on the nozzle surface. 3. Squeeze the ink cartridge. After spraying the nozzle with the cleaning agent, you need to squeeze the ink. Keep the angle between the nozzle and the horizontal at 45 degrees, and continue to squeeze the ink cartridge until two or three drops of ink flow out from the nozzle. Then use facial tissues or cloth strips to soak up the ink in front of the nozzle. Remember to wipe the nozzles directly without tissues or cloth strips, and do not wipe the nozzles, just soak up the ink in front of the nozzles. 4. Check whether all nozzles of the nozzle are unobstructed: press the strong spray, place a blank notebook or a piece of white paper in front of the nozzle, and move it slowly from left to right to check whether the font of the test information is complete and there is no white line. . If there are missing lines in the font or if the lines are removed, repeat the steps of spraying the nozzle with detergent and squeezing the ink cartridge until there are no missing lines in the font. If this problem cannot be solved, a cleaning agent is needed to clean the nozzle. 5. Shut down. After using it every day, after shutting down, there is no need to clean the nozzles, just turn off the power, and cover the nozzles with the nozzles down. After shutting down, never use detergent to clean the surface of the print head, otherwise the ink inside the print head will dry and cause blockage.

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