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High-speed marking requires inkjet printers to help the production line

Under the mechanization and highly automated production trend, more and more products are produced through production lines. Such a production line far exceeds traditional manual performance in terms of speed and efficiency. What is important is that it is basically fully automated and less manual. From production to packaging, the whole process can be controlled mechanically, which plays an important role in improving productivity. Since packaging and marking are an essential part of the product, high-speed product production lines will also require high-speed product identification. Take our common daily chemical products as an example. These marks can be found on the product packaging box and even the bottled or bag-like surface of the product. These marks give consumers tips for use, and give producers a management basis for batch numbers and shifts. They are one of the important data in product circulation. These are important aspects especially in the establishment of modern logistics networks and product traceability systems. And our logo needs more efficient logo products to complete. In recent years, the application of inkjet printers in fully automatic production lines has become more and more extensive. This is because inkjet printers have a very high adaptability to fully automatic production lines. Basically, as long as the relevant values u200bu200bare set, the relevant tasks can be completed. . The inkjet laser laser marking machine also has a certain degree of intelligence, and can process some dynamic data of product shifts and batch numbers. The inkjet laser laser marking machine is aimed at the relatively simple marking content of the food industry, and can realize the high-speed production line to use the inkjet printer to complete the production and synchronization of the signs, and give the high-speed production line a better marking effect. u003c/pu003e

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