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How are handheld inkjet printers used in the automotive industry

With the increasingly fierce competition in the auto industry, the diversification of auto parts, and the continuous upgrading and application of technology, the auto industry has extremely strict product quality requirements and strict standards for the production environment and specifications. The quality of each component and the traceability of its life cycle are undoubtedly a major issue. The number of parts, materials, and sizes of the whole vehicle are different. Hand-held inkjet printers have become the first choice for identification solutions in the automotive industry, which can meet the representation requirements of parts of different materials.

The compact body of the handheld cij printer is easy to use in any environment. The software and hardware are perfectly integrated with the enterprise database to provide unique identification for different components, which is convenient for reasonable control of component quality and life cycle. The markings on auto parts need to face different production environments or test environments. The nozzles of cij printers are easily affected by the working environment, leading to clogging and wear. Therefore, hand-held cij printers use artificial ruby u200bu200bnozzles. It has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The machine nozzle can be used for a long time, which improves the working efficiency of the marking equipment. Due to the diversity of materials, the coding methods of different equipment may damage the surface of the parts (such as glass, ceramics and other materials). Hand-held inkjet printers use fast-drying, heat-resistant, and oil-resistant special ink through dot matrix printing, which will not damage the surface of the product. And has high adhesion and migration resistance. Hand-held inkjet printers have very high flexibility and diversity, which can perfectly solve the requirements of the automotive industry for parts identification. The stability and quality of the machine are well protected.

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