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How big data era with a laser marking machine to traces the source of goods

by:LEAD TECH      2020-09-30

with the rapid development of Internet, we ushered in the era of big data. Through baidu encyclopedia's so-called big data is a kind of large scale to the acquisition, storage, management, analysis of data well beyond the scope of traditional database can handle collection, big data with mass of data scale, fast data transfer, a variety of data types and prices low density of four big characteristics. In our daily life a lot of visible and invisible information about big data, when we leave the existence of large data, is just like our purchases, it before production to consumers is also need to input data of the system.

when the merchandise sales on the market problems, how should do ability to quickly find out the source of the goods? ( Ps: it is important to note that doesn't say merchants sell goods has a problem, but there are some undesirable businessman and lead to food safety problems, food safety is a big problem to many consumers and related departments. ) So the state according to the production of commodity demand set some rules and regulations, especially the commodity packaging add product code on the label, bar code and qr code symbol, it can facilitate help goods for the construction of the traceability system. In addition, consumers will also pay attention to on commodity packaging production date and shelf life, these logos are all can be done by laser marking machine.

why these corresponding identification can be done by laser marking machine? Although some of the marking traditional way will also be able to do it, but compared with the traditional form of marking, laser marking the advantages of far better than the traditional marking. Marking may lead to the traditional printing design is not clear, even if at the time of the printed picture is clear, but will become blurred with the passage of time, at the same time, the traditional mark work slowly, not to meet the needs of mass production and processing, also don't meet the demand of the development of big data, so choose the laser marking machine is a wise choice. So now that choose laser marking machine, what are the characteristics of simple understanding it?

1, as the goods are on the market sales is diverse, and packaging material is used in diverse, so according to different material goods have different types of laser marking machine. For example, film bags, plastic material can choose to use co2 laser marking machine, and aluminum cans metal goods can choose optical fiber laser marking machine, glass commodity can choose ultraviolet laser marking machine, and need relief cant print can choose 3 d laser marking machine, and so on.

2, laser marking machine can flexible use, in other words is can be changed according to the actual needs of the user to hit target identification, such as: the production date, shelf-life, serial number, qr code, logo, characters, such as demand of switching, operation is simple and easy to get started.

3, improving production efficiency, compared with traditional marking, the working efficiency of a laser mark is the traditional mark for 2 ~ 3 times, can satisfy the continuity of large-scale production of high standards.

4, laser maintenance free time is long, stability and good beam quality, the printed logo is more elegant, permanent, won't fade as time goes on.

5, laser marking machine is a kind of environmental protection way of marking, in line with the commodity production of qualified testing standards. Can also help businesses rapid commodity information recorded in the database, convenient query.

all in all, in the era of big data related to the regulatory authorities to quickly trace the source of the goods, it must require companies related logo printed on the commodity packaging, and businessmen want to quickly to logo printing goods, it must use laser marking machine, and the choice of the laser marking machine also must choose according to the actual demand and to achieve a better effect.
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