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How do companies choose reliable and stable high-resolution inkjet printers

Complete and excellent quality management system requires the performance of manufacturers in the following links:

Comprehensive and systematic document management system-Sojet uses the PLM system to systematically control documents. And formulated a clear and strict quality policy and goals. For all activities related to quality, effective constraints and guidance are carried out to ensure standardized processes and operations.

Strict Ru0026D verification system-The Ru0026D verification system established and adopted by Sojet can ensure that every version of software and every hardware design is fully verified by the product testing team, and all test data are compared and Evaluate and use it. This is an excellent system that has passed the test of time and practice. Obviously, Sojet's Ru0026D and testing team can therefore ensure the advanced product quality level.

High-quality production process-processes that have an important impact on product quality, such as placement process and welding process. Sojet only uses the world's high-quality Senju halogen-free silver-containing solder paste and tin wire. These solder pastes will no longer be allowed to be used 24 hours after opening. Sojet also uses static protection equipment including periodic certified static measurement devices to ensure that electronic materials are fully protected during transportation, turnover, production and storage. For key processes, strictly follow a constant temperature and humidity production environment to implement production operations.

Perfect product traceability management system-only the serial number of the equipment is required, and the Sojet product information management system queries the completeness of the purchase time, supplier, operator and inspector of any component on the equipment Information, as well as the various tests that the equipment has undergone, to ensure the consistency of the quality of each batch of products.

Professional and effective incoming material inspection——For each type of raw material, Sojet plans and compiles inspection requirements and acceptance criteria that are higher than or industry-related standards, and uses test equipment. The personnel implement the corresponding testing items. Make sure that the measuring and testing instruments used have passed verification or calibration and have relevant certificates.

Strict factory testing-for the products before leaving the factory, the product inspection room will use testing instruments and equipment to conduct a comprehensive test on each product and record the data. After that, it needs to be in the high temperature aging room to test each product. A 48-hour aging screening test is carried out on each piece of equipment under working conditions. Only deliver qualified and stable products that have passed all tests and verifications to customers.

High-quality after-sales service-a professional customer management team is an important window for providing high-quality service and information collection. The team strictly follows the requirements of the controlled quality management system clauses and implements customer service in a flexible manner.

  Factory Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited company specializing in barcode applications. The company has many years of experience in barcode work, providing customers with automatic barcode identification and related software and hardware products. . The main products include: barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collectors, barcode label materials, imported thermal transfer ribbons and system integration of various barcode applications, cij printers, inkjet printer related consumables and related auxiliary equipment, etc. At the same time, we provide customers with comprehensive printing solutions so that these devices can serve our customers more efficiently.

 In response to the strong demand of the majority of production enterprises in production management, the company is committed to the application of 'factory production line barcode collection solution' and 'warehouse management (barcode) system' to provide effective scientific management for enterprises , Accurate, fast, decision-making information and tools.

Everyone who has a date coding machine wants it to look date printing machine. However, in order to achieve that, it normally involves investing in a expiry date printing machine cij printer. LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. can offer you the best solution.

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LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. is a team of manufacturers who have 10+ year experience on creating business plans and other types of productions with top-tier management firms and various multinational corporates.

LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. provides a way for you to understand your customers, to learn what makes them unique and what motivates their behavior. We can then leverage that wealth of information to personalize our interactions and demonstrate that cij printer is valuable to our customers.

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