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How do printer manufacturers understand customer needs

Now cij printers have become a relatively common machine in our industry, which also plays a very important role for us, and there are many brands in the market now, so how should cij printer manufacturers understand the needs of customers? , Next, I will share some details with you: some better methods for cij printer manufacturers to understand customer needs, I hope this will be helpful to everyone. 1. Observe more. In supermarkets and shops in the streets and alleys, we can see the logos of some products, such as production date, shelf life, expiration date, batch number, LOGO icon, etc., which requires us to look more at the details to make us more It is good to understand the types of signs required in the market, such as the QR code information on the caps of beverage bottles and the bottom of some beverage cans. What is the clarity of the information and the scanning rate? 2. Multi-analysis. From observing the marking types and effects of different products, the technical personnel of the manufacturer can clearly analyze the method and machine for printing the coding effect of this type, and then analyze it. The application characteristics of different machines and the reasons why more customers choose different cij printers. Third, make a summary. From observation and analysis, we know the common product coding methods on the market and the application scope of different printers. Then, according to their own situation, how the printer manufacturers can 'adjust measures to local conditions' according to customers Different industries, different product materials and surface characteristics, recommend more targeted small characters, large characters or high-resolution inkjet marking equipment. 4. Communicate more, confirm product identification requirements and information content requirements with customers more, start with details, not only call for corresponding communication, but also meet, face to face, and communicate in person, carefully observe and understand customer product materials, types, Model and other information, at the same time understand the customer’s product production, automated production line operation, and later equipment installation confirmation matters, whether it is necessary to transform the automated production line, whether it needs to be customized non-standard bracket, whether it needs to be connected to the equipment, whether it is required Communication and other matters need to be determined in advance to prepare for the later work. Some of the better methods for cij printer manufacturers to understand customer needs are shared with you in detail. I hope you should pay more attention to the summary when working. These are very important for our sales. The role of.

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