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How do the laser marking machine picture tutorial methods

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-20
Let's go into the theme, first of all, prepare a high-resolution photos ( Low pixel is too low, can't play a good effect) , laser marking machine software to import, then we set the related parameters. First, fixed DPI value, simple and popular theory is pixels, internal set value, the higher the better, the relative time will be slow, here generally set the value of 300, 600 or less, of course, can also set a higher value, here can provide the related parameters Settings. Then we will set pictures of related parameters, most of the time we are going to setting mode (photo inversion and No inversion, under normal circumstances is the need to set up reverse) , set to extend, check the brightness, contrast adjustment is the ideal effect in order to control the photo printing, white areas have no tags, the black area is marked. Here is a scan mode, here I commonly used point mode I is set to 0. 5, two-way scanning is generally not recommended, too slow scan around, do not need to adjust the power. Most the right side of the rate of about 2000, power of about 40 ( According to the product material to determine the power size, here 40 power belongs to the reference set, mobile phone shell pictures, higher power adjustable) The problem of setting, about 30 frequency, frequency, the frequency, the greater the laser the more densely populated. The following figure shows a rough parameters for the type photos, but there is a parameter to adjust comparing each picture.
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