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How does the inkjet printer print variable barcodes on the carton?

In the carton packaging industry, cij printers are often used to print variable information such as serial numbers and production dates on the outer packaging. Factory Technology Co., Ltd. said: In practical applications, what problems will occur when we print barcodes on cartons?

Next, the inkjet printer manufacturer technology co., Ltd. will talk about the points of attention when printing on cartons:

1. The commonly used materials for packaging cartons are mesh corrugated paper, and Generally, white paper is different. On corrugated paper, you need to pay attention to the reflectance of the paper, which will affect the recognition of barcodes.

2. Bar codes have strict requirements on the bar-space ratio, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of the production line speed. If the production line speed is changed, the length of the printed content will be changed. Regarding the text content, the length change is generally not It will affect misreading, but for bar code printing, the change of bar code length will change the bar space share, resulting in unrecognizable bar code. If it is not possible to ensure the stability of transportation during the printing process, a synchronizer should be equipped to ensure that the printing speed is synchronized with the production line speed.

3. When selecting inks for cij printers, high-performance inkjet inks with good color fastness, low permeability, and moderate ink dispersion should be used to ensure high barcode printing. quality.

3. When printing bar codes on corrugated boxes, pay attention to the accuracy of scale. The appearance of the carton may not be completely flat, there may be unevenness, and the force may be uneven during transportation. As a result, the bar code is twisted and deformed, and the bar code should have a certain error tolerance scale when ensuring the accuracy.

4. Before printing barcodes in batches, a barcode printing test should be carried out to ensure that the barcodes can be scanned and read correctly. Because it is necessary to use special equipment to read the barcode, it is necessary to check the correctness of the barcode content before batch production to avoid human errors. In the process of inkjet printing, spot checks should be made regularly.

Factory Technology Co., Ltd. stated that it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the barcode printed by the cij printer. It is the key to the code on the carton to ensure that the barcode can be quickly and correctly scanned and identified. Therefore, the marking process needs Our operators must pay attention to this point.

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