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How does the inkjet printer realize meter counting

With the rapid development of industrial production today, all walks of life have higher and higher demands for the use of inkjet printers. Everyone knows that the basic function of the cij printer is to identify the production date, product batch number, Logo and other information. In order to meet the needs of some industries, the functions of our cij printers also need to be continuously updated, such as: two-dimensional codes, barcodes, and meter counts for production lines, so as to better identify products. In the previous content, we have introduced you to the application of QR codes. Today we will introduce you to the meter counting function of the production line. First of all, what is the production line meter? For products in some industries, it is necessary to count the number of meters in the production process, and then cut and cut to make output statistics and standardized products, which is also one of the important basis for product sales and management. So what industry products need meter counting? The most commonly used meter counting function is in industries such as wires, cables, and pipes. Usually we will find statistics on the number of meters on the surface of their products. Most exported wires and cables are required to have a meter mark on the surface of the product. At the same time, this standard is gradually recognized by the industry and is generally applied to most products. Leadtech cij printers have 30 years of rich experience in the industrial field and are also widely used in the cable and pipe industry. So let's take a look at how the Leadtech inkjet printer realizes the meter counting function? Usually we will use two methods to realize the meter counting function. 1) The meter counting function of the inkjet printer prints at intervals. Leadtech inkjet printer realizes the meter counting function by setting the interval of each printing inside the machine. First of all, we need to set up a data that can count meters. Select consecutive numbers in the database. Save the data. Next, we need to set the trigger signal of the inkjet printer and the interval between printing to realize the printing, with an interval of 1 meter. Enter the production line setting. Select the trigger and set the trigger. Usually we will select 'Main trigger high level triggerAfter setting the trigger mode, a box will pop up, as shown in the figure above. What we need to set here is the spacing of each printing. Because the function of meter counting is realized, it should be set to 1000mm. So far, the setting of the meter counting function on the printer has been basically completed. The last point is still a very important step. In order to ensure that the inkjet printer can accurately perform meter counting and inkjet coding, we need to install a synchronous encoder between the production line and the cij printer. Through the synchronizer, the printer can accurately print on the product every 1 meter. After completing all the settings, you can start the printer to provide stable and accurate meter counting services for your products. 2) The inkjet printer receives the trigger signal to print and count the meters. Many large factories have installed meter-counting equipment in their production lines, through which they send printing signals to our cij printers, and control the printing pitch through signal intervals to realize the meter-counting function. Other settings are the same as 1). The above is the application of Leadtech inkjet printer in meter counting function.

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