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How much is a small handheld inkjet printer?

As small hand-held inkjet printers have become more and more popular in the domestic market in the past two years, its price has gradually been concerned by the public, but the price is only an indicator in the process of purchasing products or services, and it is also affected by quality. , Service, word of mouth, etc., what is the price range of small handheld inkjet printers? What are the characteristics of small handheld cij printers? manufacturers will take you to understand in detail: There are many types of inkjet printers, handheld inkjet printers There are also several types, so it depends on your coding requirements. If you want to print large characters above 2 cm, you need to choose a large character handheld inkjet industrial inkjet printer. If you want to print a few millimeters to less than 2 cm, you need to choose a high resolution handheld cij printer. . The small characters can be converted into a hand-held nozzle with a handle, but the body is large and it is not convenient to move the body. So different handsets have different prices. The equipment should be determined according to the requirements of use.

What are the characteristics of small hand-held inkjet printers 1. Printing accuracy: 600DPI 2. With handheld mode printing, pipeline mode printing functions 3. Printing fonts: dot matrix or high-definition printing Printed fonts (ie prints) 4. Inkjet fonts: a variety of Chinese and English fonts are built in the inkjet industrial inkjet printer 5. Inkjet graphics: all kinds of trademark patterns can be printed, and the graphics transmission is not restricted by the aspect ratio and length 6. Lines Number level: 1~15 lines of English and numbers, 1~8 lines of Chinese characters, both large and small fonts can be printed 7. Character height: Any characters or graphics can be printed within a height of 2~12.7mm 8. Automatic printing: Information content such as date, time, batch number, shift number and serial number. 9. Store information: up to 1000 pieces of information can be stored.

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