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How much is a TTO thermal transfer coding machine?

How much is a TTO thermal transfer printer? This kind of question makes it difficult for printer manufacturers to answer, because the choice of thermal transfer printer is not only the dimension of price. According to different customer needs, TTO thermal transfer printers have many specifications and models, with different lengths of ribbon configuration options, rich software functions, can be equipped with local area network, suitable for remote joint control of multiple machines, and different sizes. Sprinkler size. Therefore, the price range is relatively large, ranging from 20,000 to 80,000 yuan.

The more affordable RZ series thermal transfer printer models are equipped with 600-meter ribbon rolls and 32mm and 53mm width printheads. In the flexible packaging industry, thermal transfer cij printers are a very economical choice. Helping customers to reduce the cost of product printing and marking is the direction that the technology has been striving for. Welcome to call the technology to obtain more detailed technical support. Various specifications of TTO thermal transfer printer color page information and detailed quotations.

Technology is committed to providing solutions for labeling and Leadtech Coding traceability marketing systems, providing a complete range of small character inkjet printers, UV cij printers, laser printers, thermal transfer printers, and high-resolution cij printers to meet the needs of Printing needs of all walks of life.

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