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How much is the food printer? What are the characteristics?

Aiming at the environmental needs of food flexible packaging inkjet coding, we provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose: small character inkjet printers are non-contact cij printers, suitable for flexible packaging with peculiar shapes or curved edges; thermal transfer The inkjet printer can realize high-resolution variable data marking on various film materials by selecting the ribbon color that can increase the contrast; the thermal foam cij printer can choose high adhesion ink, fast printing, etc. How much is the food printer? What are the characteristics? Let me tell you:

1. The food inkjet industrial inkjet printer can mark the surface of a variety of different materials. There are a wide variety of packaging materials and marking content. The food inkjet printer must be able to mark on a variety of different materials Different contents are marked on the surface, which requires nozzle models suitable for different requirements. 2. The printing quality of the food inkjet industrial inkjet printer is clear and the quality is high. The printing quality of the food cij printer is relatively high, so the adhesion of the ink is also very high. The ink used by the food inkjet printer should be food-grade ink or environmentally friendly ink And it is required to dry quickly, because it needs to be packaged immediately after coding. 3. Food cij printers are suitable for harsh working environments. Food inkjet printers usually need to work in high humidity, high dust and other environments. Therefore, they need to be able to adapt to severe production environments and strict hygiene requirements. Therefore, food inkjet printers usually have stainless steel Construction and corresponding protection devices. 4. The printing speed of food inkjet printers should be fast. The production volume of the food industry is quite large, especially for manufacturers with multiple production lines. If the printing efficiency of food cij printers is low, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of high-speed production lines.

are important in ensuring date printing machine, and the machine is utilised by everyone from expiry date printing machine to date coding machine.

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