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How to adjust the date coding machine reasonably

The current coding machines are used in many fields. The production of these machines has greatly improved the efficiency of work. If you want to make this machine operate better, you need to make corresponding adjustments. The method of operation. Next, I will share with you in detail about: how to adjust the date coding machine reasonably, I hope you can gain something.   1. If you want the paper to be pushed out smoothly without jamming, the key is to adjust the gap between the reversing wheel and the feeding belt. This requires clockwise rotation of the counter-rotating wheel to adjust the handle, the gap becomes larger, and it is easy to produce double sheets if it is too large, and the counterclockwise rotation gap becomes smaller, and if it is too small, it is easy to jam. This requires a certain degree of operating experience, otherwise you will encounter a lot of problems. 2. If you need to adjust the printing pressure of the manual date coding machine, you need to turn the printing pressure adjustment screw clockwise to move the printing wheel down, and the gap between the printing wheel and the printing wheel will increase, otherwise the gap will be reduced. It is necessary to adjust the gap between the printing wheel and the printing plate. The printing wheel and the printing wheel are in light contact, and the printing is clear as the principle. It should not be too tight to avoid premature wear of the printing wheel. 3. For some operation sequences that should be paid attention to, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments, which need to turn on the control switch and the operation switch, and then print a single sheet, check whether the signal of the photoelectric switch is normal, adjust the production date and the printing wheel of the manual coding machine To reach the proper contact depth of the printing wheel, all these need to be done with corresponding operations. I will share with you in detail about how to adjust the date coding machine reasonably. I hope that when you are working on the date coding machine, you will understand some of the corresponding knowledge, deal with some problems in time, and do a reasonable job. Adjustment.

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