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How to adjust the ink line position of the Domino inkjet printer

Domino A series small character inkjet printers have many users in China. After using for a period of time, the position of the ink line may change slightly, causing problems such as missing characters in printing and ink formation in the recovery tube. Adjusting the ink line is a piece of cake, but many people do not. This article will illustrate how to adjust the ink line. First of all, we need to know the correct position of the ink line. Otherwise, there is no way to start. The correct position of the ink line: a. Remove the print head shell, you can see the print head assembly. The correct position of the ink line is to look at the left 1/4 of the recovery tube (60 micron, 75 micron nozzle); 1/10 (40 micron nozzle); b. Rotate the nozzle 90 degrees, the correct position of the ink line is the front of the recovery tube Middle (40 micron, 60 micron, 75 micron nozzle); c. The ink line is in the middle of the charging tank and parallel; d. The ink line is parallel to the right deflection plate and the spacing is 1-2mm. Adjustment method. Note that the following method is suitable for a slight deviation of the ink line. If the deviation is severe, please do not use the following method to adjust. a. Press the wrench key on the keyboard to enter the password: service and press OK to enter the service menu. Then press and hold the green key on the keyboard without letting go, and at the same time press the wrench key to enter the password: maigret and confirm, enter the advanced service menu, press manual, then enter the manual mode (in the manual mode, the ink line will not appear the recycling pipe Failure, high voltage failure, etc.). Then turn on the ink supply solenoid valve and pump in turn, and turn on the nozzle solenoid valve when the current value of the ink pressure is similar to the set value, and then select the rule to pressure. Then you can adjust, the method is as follows. b. Loosen the locking screw with a 1.5mm hexagon socket screwdriver. If the ink line deviates to the left, use a hexagon socket screwdriver to fine-tune the cam mechanism to the right; if the ink line deviates to the right, fine-tune the cam mechanism to the left. c. If the ink line is biased forward, also loosen the locking screw, and fine-tune the adjusting screw to the left with an inner hexagonal screwdriver; if the ink line is backward, use an inner hexagonal screwdriver to fine-tune the adjusting screw to the right. d. After the above two steps are adjusted, observe whether the ink line in the charging tank is in the middle and parallel through the magnifying glass of the print head housing. If yes, the ink line adjustment is completed, if not, adjust the position of the charging slot. First loosen the charging slot bracket screws (2 pcs) slightly, and then gently move the charging slot according to the position of the ink line in the charging slot observed just now. Pay attention to it gently, otherwise the ink will be messed up. After adjustment, tighten the charging slot bracket screw. The adjustment of the ink line position is now complete. Exit the manual operation and start it up. For more information about inkjet printers, laser cij printers, and imported inkjet printers, please visit our official website:

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