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How to adjust the red light of the laser marking machine?

During the use of the laser marking machine, we will encounter some problems more or less, such as how to adjust the red light of the laser marking machine. The following is a detailed introduction for your reference.

First, the first type is like the semiconductor laser marking machine, the red light is the one after the optical cavity, and the two types are The method of adding red light indication to CO2 laser marking machine with no red light fiber.

1. The red light indicator of the semiconductor laser marking machine is generally installed behind the total reflection sheet of the laser oscillation cavity of the optical bench.

2. Generally, the red light should be adjusted to parallel light before it is installed on its fixed frame, and a 3MM hole should be added in front of the red light. .

3. Adjust the red light frame so that the red light beam can pass through the two ends of the YAG rod of the energy module, and then expand the beam through the YAG beam expander to mark the mark. In the middle of the X-galvanometer lens of the head galvanometer, the others have to be corrected by software.

Second, the method of adjusting the red light of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine is as follows:

1. The position where the red light increases is After the laser emits light, that is, before the beam expander.

2. Ensure that the red light can pass through the beam expander, and the light spot reaching the focal plane after the field lens is the smallest, which is the best effect.

3. Adjust the position of the red light so that the red light can reach the center of the X-vibration lens of the galvanometer of the marking head, and then fix the red light.

4. Recalibrate the laser and beam expander.

5. Correct the red light and the content of step 3 again.

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