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How to choose a barcode label printer

When purchasing a barcode label printer, you should pay attention to the following points before you can buy a product that suits you.

(1) Determine the model based on the print volume

If your print volume does not exceed 4,000 sheets per day, it is recommended to buy ordinary commercial (some commonly referred to as office types) printer. The paper capacity and ribbon capacity of commercial printers are small. The overall shape of the product is small and exquisite, suitable for office space and does not occupy an area, and the printing effect and printing quality can meet the needs. If you need more than 4,000 labels per day, the cij printer manufacturer recommends that you buy an industrial printer, because industrial printers are mainly made of steel structure, which can accommodate large paper rolls and long-length ribbons, and it has a long service life and a long life. It has excellent performance in harsh environments and is a suitable choice for large factories.

(2) Choose the model according to the print quality requirements

If your application needs high-quality printing, such as jewelry, mobile phones, or if you want To print on smaller labels, it is recommended that you use a 300DPI printer. For other general wheat head tags, please use 200DPI.

(3) Choose the model according to the type of barcode to be printed and the quality required

Currently, most printers on the market can only be used A printing language, such as zepa or datamax. They can only use their own print commands, which are not compatible with each other. Language compatibility can be considered when purchasing, and the printer's use occasions can be improved to a greater extent. In order to improve the use of printers, some machines are now compatible with many printing languages u200bu200band barcode printing applications that use other machines. Now with the widespread use of two-dimensional barcodes and the use of other one-dimensional barcodes, the print quality of printers is also different. These are the factors you should consider when choosing a model.

(4) Choose a full-service distributor

Some distributors claim that all printer products are available. In fact, this is not the important thing for consumers to get drunk. What consumers need is the technical support and after-sales service of the product. Whether it is possible to fully provide services and related products. For example, consumables with printers are important references. Buyers should ask the dealer to provide corresponding consumables for this printer at the same time, because some consumables and printers may not produce perfect printing results.

If you already have a barcode label printer, choose professional barcode printing software, especially software that is compatible with the current printer. .

It isn't just about being on cij printer anymore–it's about maximizing the potential of the platform of manufacturing.

A detailed plan must be developed if we hope to reach your profitability goal. Once we have a certain figure in mind, LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. and our staff need to determine all the steps necessary to reach that goal and act on them.

Overwhelming customers with too much information or the slew of benefits cij printer provides–even if they're all valid–is a surefire way to lose their attention.

LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. who primarily serve our consumers need to consider offering their products in an date coding machine such as cij printer to take advantage of the growing interest from consumers in supporting expiry date printing machine.

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