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How to choose a carton inkjet printer?

There are many types of carton cij printers. You should choose a printer with high stability, high resolution and high thermal ink technology. The carton cij industrial inkjet printer prints different logos when it is in operation, which has a positive effect. Certain requirements are met, so how to choose a suitable carton inkjet printer is described in detail below. 1. Need to choose stable thermal inkjet technology, high-resolution printing, quick replacement of ink cartridges and many industrial-grade carton cij printers. 2. Mainly refer to the following parameters for selection when choosing a suitable carton cij printer:

(1) High-quality and high-precision: the ability to reduce the ink droplet ejection area and the integrated circuit loop Technology, the smaller ink drop volume can provide better printing accuracy, up to 600DPI, when printing barcodes, the scanning rate is very high. (2) High-speed code printing: high-frequency ink droplets are ejected to achieve high-speed and high-quality code printing. The text is about 240 m/min, and the bar code can be 60-90 m/min. (3) Good coding effect: Thermal foaming inkjet technology adopts water-based ink technology, and the coding effect is good. (4) Convenient maintenance: the ink cartridges are easy to install and replace, and the maintenance is simple. (5) High efficiency: Multi-group nozzle cascade technology and seamless connection technology, single or multiple nozzles are available, 1-24 nozzles are available, and multiple nozzles are more efficient.

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