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How to choose suitable coding equipment?

First of all, the purchaser must first see what kind of product he is, the content that needs to be coded, whether there are any special requirements for the print head font size and speed, and the cost of consumables (many people do not know the printer Consumables are also needed). Which inkjet method is better for your products. Should you choose an inkjet printer or a laser printing machine? manufacturers, please continue to look down, choose the machine model according to the product. have a wide range of uses and can be used in all walks of life, so the products are diversified. So different products are different when choosing inkjet printers. If your product is a traditional industry and you only need to perform simple date coding, then you can choose a simple and practical printer. If the product is not a traditional industry, and there are other requirements, then choose carefully. For example: wire products, this type of product is characterized by fast production speed and very good speed requirements for inkjet printers, so the general machine model cannot meet the production. For example, some small electronic components have very few surfaces that can be coded, so ordinary small-character printers cannot do it. Then at this time, you need to use a micro-character inkjet printer. The nozzle aperture of the ordinary small character inkjet printer is 60μm, and the nozzle diameter of the microcharacter cij printer can reach 40μm and 50μm. Second, select the machine according to the content of the inkjet printer. Each company has different products, and the content of the inkjet printer is also different. In general, the more complex the content and the more content to be coded, the more high-end machine models are needed. Most companies just spray some dates and product numbers. However, some companies have very complicated product coding content, such as two-dimensional codes and barcodes. The number of lines is also more than three lines, and pigment inks are also used. 3. Choose the machine according to the font size and color. Many people may not be aware of the fact that the font size sprayed by the inkjet printer is actually determined by the print head. Each brand of inkjet printer is equipped with different models of print heads, from large to small, there are many models. These coding not only determine the size of the font, but also determine whether it can be used for multi-color font coding. are divided into 40 microns, 50 microns, 60 microns, etc. according to different sizes of print heads. These different sizes of print heads have different models; choose different models of print heads, the functions and effects of the printer are also different. You can choose based on these. According to the division of colors, cij printers are divided into black ink inkjet printers, yellow ink inkjet printers, white ink inkjet printers, etc. Different coding requirements and model selection are also different. Fourth, use laser or inkjet printers In the past few years, laser inkjet technology has become increasingly mature. More and more products use laser machines! For example, there was a customer who needed to print codes inside a product before, and ordinary inkjet printers couldn't work at all. Later, I recommended the laser printing machine to this customer, and easily helped him solve the coding problem. Moreover, laser products have a great advantage in that they do not need to use consumables, which can help companies save a lot of consumables costs. However, laser machines are not omnipotent. Some products cannot be used for laser operations. Like some electromagnetic and electronic products, laser machines will damage the products during operation. However, the price of laser machines is relatively expensive compared to inkjet printers. Companies should choose according to the actual situation and comprehensive considerations. The above are the main points of the inkjet equipment for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, please go to the inkjet printer official website: http:///Leave a message and tell the editor!

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