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How to choose the UV printing machine - Spurt the code machine -

Commodity packaging on the brand logo, barcode, qr code by UV printing machine prints, and prints the purpose is to provide consumers with a sign of commodity information, increase public identification of goods, so, choose what brand of UV printing machine for logo print effect of commodity packaging and product image, then the goods manufacturers how to choose the UV printing machine? A, see the specific operation of spurt the code machine in commodity packaging factory, UV printing machine users are the technical workers of workshop is given priority to, so regardless of the UV printing machine manufacturing function and operation way how to update and change, still disciplined to follow operation method, especially to the complicated input into a key operational UV laser marking machine, but also for its simple and convenient operation mode to win the heart of the workers, become really worth choice UV laser marking machine. The performance of the two, see the spurt the code machine in the process of UV stenciling unit of choose and buy, often customers will focus on the UV printing machine a good word of mouth, you really can reflect UV printing machine is good or bad, should be the performance of the machine performance, such as through the whole material cij printer, the quality of the internal parts, nozzle is durable, after-sales service are comprehensive and so on several big aspects to make comprehensive assessment, if the UV printing machine each items conform to the requirements of the customers use, then you can make further options. Three, spurt the code machine spray printing quality UV printing machine spray printing quality is good or bad of the UV printing machine function mainly. With the continuous development of technology, the traditional floating ball viscometer to detect the ink viscosity of the disadvantages of technology appeared more and more obvious, often appear ink painting is not even, not only its print effect will be influenced by environmental temperature, relatively advanced flight time to control the ink viscosity UV printing machine to match today's customer requirement. Above all, to the clients by stenciling unit of choose and buy, can choose to meet the requirements of the customer the UV printing machine to affect the overall effect of the commodity packaging, so the choose and buy, must be treated with caution, not only to spurt the cij printer from aspects such as operation, performance, and jet printing quality to filter, UV printing machine to pick a service specification, will not have trouble back at home.

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