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How to correctly and regularly replace the filter of the printer

There are classifications of printer filters: main filter, buffer, pre-pump filter, pre-sprinkler filter, vacuum filter, and viscosity detection filter. The filter of the inkjet printer is an indispensable device in the ink path system of the inkjet printer. It acts to filter ink and small particles in the air to prevent it from entering the nozzle and blocking the nozzle. It needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that the printer is always in the best condition. The following items should be paid attention to when replacing the filter of the inkjet printer: 1. The original special filter must be used, and the filtering level is different according to different ink characteristics; 2. It needs to be replaced when the cij printer is stopped, and there is no pressure in the pipeline at this time; 3. After replacing the filters one by one, they need to be drained, and the filters are shaken to exhaust the air in the filters. The filter of the printer depends on the environment and the maintenance of the operator. Generally, one set is replaced a year or 2000 hours. Ouma inkjet printer manufacturer specializes in manufacturing, complete accessories! Factory Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited company specializing in barcode applications. The company has many years of experience in barcode work, providing customers with automatic barcode identification and related software and hardware products. The main products include: barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collectors, barcode label materials, imported thermal transfer ribbons and system integration of various barcode applications, cij printers, inkjet printer related consumables and related auxiliary equipment, etc. At the same time, we provide customers with comprehensive printing solutions so that these devices can serve our customers more efficiently.

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