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How to correctly connect the printer and the scanner

How to use the QuickSwitch function on the 8900 series In the current development of information technology, 'smart' topics and products are constantly updating people's lives and concepts, such as smart phones, smart home appliances, and intelligent unmanned supermarkets. Like the very popular fresh supermarket 'Hippo FreshIt can clearly see its harvest time, packaging time, test report, weight and other information, which can be directly experienced by individual consumers. In addition to the above, there are also many applications of 'code' and 'code scanning' in other industries. Usually there is a complete set of systems in the production factory. The basic process is roughly: the original information entry system of each item -> import to Coding/printing/marking equipment -> generate 'code' one-to-one correspondence and assign codes to the item -> scan the code to the system, where the 'code' is usually a variable code. The following is an example of the specific operation methods of the coding and scanning equipment: First, you need: a printer that can print variable codes-Leadtech 8900 a scanner-Datalogic 9530 Leadtech 8900 scanning gun based on the function of the Leadtech printer 'QuickSwitch® Plus ': Provides simple and automated coding settings, reduces the risk of costly errors, and saves the time required to switch products. It is an ideal choice for users who have frequent switching needs. Just connect to a bar code scanner, Leadtech 8900 can intelligently read bar codes, DM codes, QR codes, select information from its memory, edit the content of the information, set the date and select the printing direction, height, width and Information such as the location on the package without operator intervention. Please note: When implementing the following operations, the permission level of Leadtech8900 should be set to the highest level. First, you need to create an external field: main menu-printer settings-more-click 'external field' to create or add an external field (Remote Field), and then you need to set the edit connection of QuickSwitch; select 'External Field' in the main menu-printer settings-communication-Quickswitch-edit connection mode; the pre-synchronization symbol is 'empty'; the post-synchronization symbol ' Add the control character [CR]'; select 'Disable' for all responses and unavailable; select 'ASCII code' for encoding; select 'No' for clearing foreign fields and ignoring non-printable characters; Figure 2: Quickswitch edit connection after setting is completed After Quickswitch, we only need to create a profile to use this feature! Select the data in the main interface and create a new data. The data style can be selected according to your needs. 1. Select 'External' in the selection field type; 2. Select the foreign field created before in the foreign field property, and select the size of the foreign field (Set according to actual needs);

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