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How to correctly detect the pressure sensor of the printer is very important?

The application range of the inkjet printer pressure sensor is very wide, along with the wide application of the pressure sensor, but it is very important to determine how to detect the cij printer pressure sensor. To detect the pressure sensor, depending on the purpose, the testing items are different, and of course the testing methods will also be different. 1. The simple method for pressure detection is to supply power to the sensor, blow the air guide hole of the pressure sensor with a mouth, and use the voltage file of a multimeter to detect the voltage change at the output end of the sensor. If the relative sensitivity of the pressure sensor is large, this amount of change will be significant. If there is no change at all, you need to switch to an air pressure source to apply pressure. Through the above methods, the condition of a sensor can basically be detected. If you need accurate detection, you need to use a standard pressure source to pressure the sensor, and calibrate the sensor according to the pressure and the change in output signal. And when conditions permit, carry out temperature detection of relevant parameters. 2. Zero point detection, use the voltage file of a multimeter to detect the zero point output of the sensor without applying pressure. This output is generally mV-level voltage. If it exceeds the sensor's technical indicators, it means that the sensor's zero deviation is out of range. 3. The detection of the bridge circuit mainly detects whether the circuit of the sensor is correct. Use the ohm file of the multimeter to measure the impedance between the input terminals and the impedance between the output terminals. These two impedances are the input and output impedance of the pressure sensor. If the impedance is infinite, the bridge is disconnected, indicating that the sensor has a problem or the pin definition is not correct.

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