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How to deal with ink leakage in the inkjet printer?

What is the solution to ink leakage in the inkjet printer? The following cij printer manufacturers will introduce how to deal with ink leakage from the cij printer. 1. Whether the machine has not been maintained for a long time, it is recommended to clean and replace the filter. Only normal maintenance can ensure the stable and reliable operation of the industrial inkjet printer.

Although the cij printer is small, it affects the normal operation of the entire production line. It is recommended that you pay attention to it and do not wait for the problem to occur frequently before handling it. There must be some preventive maintenance programs. After judging what the problem is, carry out targeted operations, such as repeatedly cleaning the nozzle, adjusting the ink line, or flushing the nozzle, the filter before the nozzle, and the main filter before removing the nozzle. If the flushing cannot be solved, use Spare parts, replacement of new filters to ensure that the machine can run in the first time, to code the product.

Second, whether the machine uses original inks and solvents, the inkjet printer consumables are not compatible with the brand, and poor quality inkjet printer consumables will seriously block the inkjet filter pipeline and cause ink leakage. 3. Whether the machine is too aging, cij printers that have been used for more than 10 years will have more problems. It is recommended to replace the new machine to save consumables. In fact, the cost performance is higher.

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