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How to deal with the blurring of the inkjet code of the carton inkjet printer?

The carton cij printer is a relatively sophisticated equipment. Its main function is to be able to perform continuous operation and inkjet. In daily use, the inkjet printer has problems with unclear inkjet. How to deal with it? Common causes include lack of ink, unreasonable ratio of thinner and ink, unreasonable font and content width, etc. The daily maintenance of the inkjet printer cannot be ignored. Causes and solutions for the unclear inkjet of the carton inkjet printer 1. Lack of ink on the carton cij printer may make the print fonts unclear when it runs out. Solution: check the ink volume of the ink cartridge on time and increase the ink or replace with a new ink cartridge. 2. The ratio of diluent and ink of the carton inkjet printer is unreasonable. Solution: monitor the ink viscosity on time and adjust the ratio of the ink. 3. The font or content width and height of the carton inkjet printer are set incorrectly. Solution: Adjust the font height and width to appropriate values.

4. The solution when the dot matrix carton cij printer is not clear: check whether the ink line orientation is normal, whether the ink pressure value is normal, whether the ink viscosity is appropriate, and the charging board is charged Calibrate, clean the nozzle, deflection plate, filter nozzle, etc. with cleaning agent to clean the small character inkjet printer completely. 5. When the high-resolution carton inkjet printer is not printing clearly, check whether the nozzle of the printer is blocked by ink. Solution: tilt the nozzle of the printer at a 45-degree angle, and then use the cleaning agent of the corresponding ink type to align the nozzle Spray 2-3 times, wipe the ink and detergent around the nozzle with a non-woven cloth, then knead the ink cartridge to squeeze 2-3 drops of ink from the nozzle, and try to print again after cleaning, if the problem is still not resolved Contact engineers to help deal with the needs. 6. If the small character carton inkjet printer is not connected to the ground wire, it will cause signal interference and make the inkjet printer unclear. Solution: connect the ground wire.

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