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How to deal with the high voltage failure of the printer?

In production, it is very important for us to use cij printers. Therefore, when we carry out corresponding operations, we also need to master some specific skills, and we need to cultivate some specific emergency capabilities. This is for us In terms of this, this is also very important. Next, I will share some details with you about: some treatment methods for printers with high voltage failures. This is also very important for us.  1. The absolute value of the plate voltage of the high-voltage deflection plate is also different. If its ink or other things touch any of the plates of the high-voltage deflection plate, this will cause the absolute value of the two plates to be unequal, and the machine is also under protective measures, which requires high-voltage faults to be reported and carried out in time. Automatic shut-down.  2. There is too much dust on the high-voltage deflection plate. It is necessary to check whether the high-pressure deflection plate on the print head is clean, and it needs to be cleaned. After it is dry, it can be used normally after turning on the machine.  3. The position of the ink line is incorrect or the self-height setting is too small. If half of the printed characters are missing, a high voltage fault will also be reported at the same time. In this case, it is also possible that the position of the ink line is incorrect or the self-height setting is too small.   4. The ink dots are not split well. This can be checked and adjusted accordingly. If you cannot repair it yourself, you should contact the printer manufacturer in time and have a professional engineer come to repair the printer. Some methods for dealing with high-voltage failures of the cij printer are shared with you in detail. I hope that when you encounter some problems, you should also pay attention to some points that need to be paid attention to. When some problems occur, do the corresponding After understanding, do a better treatment.

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