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How to deal with the phenomenon of inkjet printer leakage

Many companies now use cij printers. It can be said that the role and contribution of inkjet printers are very large, and it can also improve the production efficiency of enterprises and bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. Therefore, maintaining a good cij printer is a very important thing. If the inkjet printer is well maintained, it can bring more economic benefits to the enterprise, because it can reduce the chance of problems in the work. But sometimes even though the cij printer has been well maintained, there will still be some problems during the production process, but the most common problem may be the leakage of the ink, so why does this problem occur? One of the most common reasons why inkjet printers often have problems with inkjet printing on products is that there is a problem with the installation of the electric eye in the inkjet printer. If there is a leakage of ink, you can adjust it first. The position of the inkjet motor eye, the so-called electric eye is actually a device capable of sensing. As long as the electric eye is installed accurately, it can sense the product once it appears. In this way, the cij printer will print the product. If the electric eye of the printer is not installed in a good position, then the product will leak. In addition, the photoelectric eye may be damaged during the working process of the inkjet printer. If this is the case, first perform a deep cleaning of the photoelectric eye and the periphery of the photoelectric eye, and then check the optical fiber. If there is no problem with the addition of optical fiber, then there may be a problem with the brightness adjustment of the optical fiber, because the brightness of the optical fiber is similar to that of human eyes. If there is a problem with the brightness, the item cannot be accurately judged. Therefore, it is best to check whether the electric eye of the printer is normal before the printer starts to work. For more information about cij printers, inkjet printer manufacturers, and imported cij printers, please visit our official website:

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