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How to do better maintenance of laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-12

In order to ensure that the laser is in normal working condition from beginning to end, after two weeks of continuous operation or after using it for a period of time, the maintenance of the YAG rod, material pulse damper and camera lens should be solved before starting. The components in the laser light path such as laminated glass are inspected. There is no doubt that the electronic optical components are free from abnormal conditions such as dust environmental pollution and mildew. If there are such conditions, they should be solved immediately to ensure that the electronic optical components are not easy to be exposed to strong direct laser light. damage. (If the application scenario is relatively clean, the inspection can be relatively extended to a month or even longer).

The purity of the cooling circulating water is an important factor to ensure the laser output efficiency and the service life of the laser condenser cavity components. To ensure that its conductivity is 30.5CW•cm, the double distilled water circulating in the car needs to be replaced once a month, and the newly introduced pure water needs to have a conductivity of 32MW•cm. Pay attention to the color change of the positive ion replacement column in the refrigeration management system anytime and anywhere. Once you find that the color of the epoxy resin in the replacement column turns dark red or even black, you should replace the epoxy resin immediately.

The actual operating staff can often use black image paper to check the laser output spot. Once the spot is uneven or the energy is reduced, they should immediately Adjust the resonator of the laser to ensure the light quality of the laser output. The image of the typical spot is as follows: Adjustment of the laser resonator with an unadjusted spot after alignment.

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