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How to extend the life of the printer head

Some of the nozzles on the surface of the inkjet printer head are fine hairs that cannot rub against any objects, which are easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle, which can easily cause the nozzle to block the nozzle and drip ink. 1. It is best to use the original ink. Inspect the equipment from time to time to ensure that the equipment has a certain amount of nozzles, and do not add any substance to the ink of the printer at will. Before the printer is shut down and power off, the nozzle must be cleaned, and the nozzle must be placed on the nozzle cover with a moisturizing sponge pad, so as to ensure the status of the nozzle and the quality of the coding, and extend the service life of the nozzle. 2. It is also very important to strictly implement the required operation equipment. Do not remove the equipment accessories at will, such as the main ink cartridge. 3. Auxiliary accessories. Every accessory on the machine has its use, such as auxiliary ink cartridges, filters and so on. The ink quality of the cij printer will directly affect the quality of the image produced by the cij printer. 4. If the working environment of the indoor equipment is not very good, the dust will simply enter the main ink cartridge and then to the auxiliary ink cartridge, which will affect the printing effect of the nozzle and shorten the service life of the nozzle. Therefore, it is recommended that the indoor environment where the equipment is placed is kept clean and tidy.

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