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How to extend the service life of the printer?

The main point in the maintenance of the inkjet printer is the nozzle. The daily maintenance of the cij printer determines the use effect and service life of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer. Introduce several effective ways to prolong the service life of the inkjet printer: 1. Keep the indoor environment clean. If the working environment of the equipment is not good, dust can easily enter the ink cartridge, which will affect the printing effect of the nozzle and shorten the service life of the nozzle. 2. Operate carefully. The nozzle part of the inkjet printer should not be in contact with any objects, and the fine hairs are easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle, causing clogging and ink dripping, thereby affecting the coding effect. 3. Don't disassemble randomly. Every printer accessory on the machine has its purpose, so don't disassemble it randomly. Like main cartridge, sub cartridge, filter, etc. 4. Maintain the purity of the ink. The ink quality of the inkjet printer directly affects the quality of the inkjet code. Use the ink recommended by the inkjet industrial inkjet printer manufacturer, because these inks have undergone strict and long-term testing and are more suitable for the normal use of the inkjet printer. Do not add anything to the ink. 5. Regular cleaning and maintenance. The nozzle must be cleaned when the printer is shut down, and the nozzle must be placed on the nozzle cover with a moisturizing sponge pad to extend the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent.

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