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How to identify the authenticity of the printer?

After decades of development in the inkjet printer market, many imported brand inkjet printers and domestic inkjet printer brands have been set up. The shopping malls tend to be sophisticated, from inkjet printer manufacturers to inkjet printer agents to distributors and service providers are becoming more and more transparent in the face of severe customers. Various brands are constantly shuffling their skills and expanding their business, and the competition is gradually intensifying. The authenticity of inkjet printers contains many aspects, and it is also a question that customers are very concerned about. Many customers who are not familiar with inkjet marking equipment have seen many brands and many models, often without the direction of selection and consideration, and will be sold. Influenced by words, today's Shanghai Qianli-Kinglee brand inkjet printer supplier has shared with us some methods and precautions for distinguishing the authenticity of inkjet printers. 1. The authenticity of the machine brand, some inferior domestic cij printers, fake imported brand inkjet printers, or the agent of the previous imported brand inkjet printer, independently developed, similar to the imported brand inkjet printer before acting, in Without the knowledge of the customer, it is sold to the customer in the name of the imported machine to earn illegitimate benefits and harm the legitimate and informed rights of consumers and users.  How to tell the authenticity of the brand?   1. Look at the nameplate of the inkjet printer and the factory certificate of the inkjet printer, and check the industrial and commercial operation information of the inkjet printer dealer or manufacturer of the brand.  2. Look at the official website of the printer manufacturer's brand, check whether it is an authorized dealer, and avoid buying third-generation or even fourth-level agents.   2. The authenticity of the machine center accessories. For example, the pressure pump, solenoid valve, nozzle and other centers in the central parts of the inkjet printer are used for substandard charge. The fake charge is a world-famous imported brand type. In fact, it is a domestic type. How to distinguish the authenticity of the center parts?   1. In the current imported brand cij printers, manufacturers generally choose imported high-quality center components to improve the stability and reliability of the inkjet printer, and on the other hand, increase the overall service life of the printer. The center parts of the inkjet printer will have their own brand numbers, such as pressure pumps. Imported machines are commonly used as American mic pumps. There will be serial numbers on the pumps, which can be used to check authenticity on the official website. 2. Pay attention to the nozzle brand and specification type when purchasing. In the inkjet printer industry, the small character cij printer is the most common and cheap. Because of its large quantity, the price is the lowest for micro characters, white ink printers, and small characters. , The nozzle aperture and brand will be different on different types of machines, such as 60 microns, 50 microns, 40 microns or 70 microns. At this time, customers need to be careful when purchasing (the serial number on the nozzle can also be checked).   Three, the authenticity of inkjet printer supplies. General-purpose consumables and original imported brand inkjet printer consumables, after imitating the bottle and label planning, make customers mistakenly believe that they are original consumables, and practice self-denial consumables, lacking necessary inspection and operation certificates, such as SGS, ROSH test statement, MSDS materials The company is facing the danger of being sealed up at any time, bringing more uncertainty and unsafety to customers. The quality of consumables and the role of product coding, as well as the coding on the product, have a great impact on the product. If there are a lot of metal components here, it will even affect the quality of the product, reduce the product qualification rate, and make it for the factory and production. Processing companies bring invisible negative losses.  How to judge the authenticity of consumables?  1. Look at the test statement and hazardous chemicals operating license, and regular consumables (ink and solvent manufacturers) can be provided to customers including ROSH testing, halogen-free testing, MSDS, hazardous chemical certificates and other statements. 2. With the development of inkjet printer types and skills, most of the current consumables are chip induction detection type, and the corresponding original chip machine is required to recognize and recognize. The second way to judge the authenticity of consumables is to plug in and test the application. , To see if the machine can be recognized (the method is simple, but there is a certain danger, that is, general-purpose consumables fake chips)   3. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, Shanghai Qianli advocates that customers should sign with suppliers or manufacturers when purchasing consumables. A formal supply contract shall be established. The contract shall indicate the need for the original, a certain type of ink and thinner from the original manufacturer, and the means of litigation for the preservation of legal rights. With the gradual development of cij printer brands and the benign competition in shopping malls, it has become easier to purchase marking equipment such as cij printers, and the ways have become more transparent and extensive. I hope that the KINGLEE potential brand can continue to cooperate with new and old customers and establish long-term mutual benefits. Mutually beneficial contact, assisting enterprises to complete the industrial change of automated marking and coding.

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