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How to increase the marking power of the laser marking machine

  How to increase the marking power of the laser marking machine

The intention of the    laser marking machine is to bring higher production power to the enterprise and to invent higher value, then how to improve the laser marking Marking speed of the machine?

   1. The primary factors affecting the laser marking machine are divided into two aspects: internal factors and workpieces.

The internal elements of    are mainly laser frequency, laser spot form and beam divergence angle, laser power, and auxiliary gas material for reasonable optical shaping cooperative processing. The internal elements should be paid attention to during the selection of the earlier models, and the purchase should be made in accordance with the advice of the laser engineer. Another factor that needs to be paid attention to during processing by customers is mainly the marking density, marking size, marking depth and laser spot size.

  Second, marking density

   In the case of the same format, equal spot, and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed will be. The density directly increases the marking area.

  3. Marking format

   Because the deflection area of u200bu200bthe large format marking galvanometer is increased, the marking speed of large format is slower than that of small format.

  4. Marking depth

   According to demand, if the marking depth needs to be deepened, the parameters of the laser marking machine need to be adjusted to increase the power of the laser marking machine , Current and other factors, which will affect the marking speed in these processes.

  5. Laser spot size

  The smaller the spot, the smaller the marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed.


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