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How to maintain the inkjet printer for a long time in National Day?

The National Day holiday is about to come, and some companies may have a short holiday. If this is the National Day holiday, then our printers may not be turned on for a long time, and there may be some risks, such as clogged nozzles. , Then how do we need to maintain the printer before the National Day holiday? Generally speaking, the ink of the cij printer is fast-drying. If it is not used for a long time, it may cause clogging. Then how should we prevent it? 1. After using the printer on the last day before the holiday, be sure to turn off the inkjet printer according to the method written in the manual. Generally, our cij printer has the function of automatic cleaning. As long as the normal shutdown according to the operation is written, the clogging can be reduced. risks of. 2. When shutting down, after pressing the shutdown button, use a clean cup with 100ML of cleaning fluid to directly soak the nozzles, so that the nozzles and recovery pipes can be cleaned thoroughly to achieve good results. 3. Of course, there are some special situations, such as Domino white ink machine. Please remember not to turn off the power after turning off the printer. In this way, the ink circuit system will start intermittently to prevent ink precipitation. In addition, check the solvent. The liquid level of the tank. If the liquid level is low, it is recommended to add solvent. 4. If someone is on duty, it is best. It is recommended to start the machine for half an hour every day. No need to print, just turn on the phone. This is the safest approach. These are just a brief introduction for us to maintain the inkjet printer, you can also use it as a reference, of course, if you want to know more professional knowledge, you still need to find our engineers!

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