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How to maintain the inkjet printer that not frequently used?


According to the survey, because some inkjet printers are not frequently used, failures often appear. For example, some clients use it once every two or three weeks. Furthermore, some use it once one or two months. Actually it is not the matter of the quality of printers but the low frequency of usage. So, how to maintain an inkjet printer which is seldom used?

Common inkjet printers adopt continuous working principle. The built-in pump directs liquid ink from a reservoir, creating a continuous stream of ink droplets. A piezoelectric crystal causes the stream of liquid to break into droplets. The degree of electrical charges on the droplets determines their location to form a character.

From the perspective of working principle of inkjet printers, due to be not frequently used, the printer is prone to ink deposits so that cannot work normally. According to the survey, if the inkjet printer is put in the sunlight directly or in a high-temperature environment for a long time, it will speed up ink deposits to some extent. So the printer should be placed in a dry, clean, well-ventilated and proper-temperature room.

Clean the printhead regularly

The ink on the printhead is easy to deposit. After using the inkjet printer, it should be cleaned. Make sure that there is no ink deposits on the printhead. If the printhead is not cleaned in time after you turn off the printer, it is possible to cause the clogging of nozzle and ink recycling hole, and further, ink line deflection.

Lead Tech printer has the auto-flush function. When turning off the printer, you can press F1 to finish the auto-flush of printhead. However, after the printer has worked for a long time, we should also take care the printhead, making sure it is dry and clean.

Operate the ink supply once every 3 days

 During the period of not using printer, we suggest that the ink supply be operated once every 3 days or so. Each operating time is about 2 hours.

By doing this, the ink liquid in the pipes can be recycled so that it prevents ink deposits and clogging.

Change the ink cartridge in time

 Firstly, after the machine has been put into use for a period of time, please check the liquid level of ink and top-up. For Lead Tech printer, you can press I key on the lower left corner of keyboard to check it. If the machine gives an alarm, or you find that the liquid level is low, please change the ink cartridge or top-up cartridge.

 Secondly, if the machine has not been used for a long time, please check the viscosity of ink. If the viscosity is too high, please change the ink cartridge in time. The viscosity of ink is closely related to the normal use of machine.

Thirdly, please check if the ink and top-up is out of date regularly. Inkjet printer has strict requirements for ink. Once you find it out of date, change the ink cartridge as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may influence the printing effect.

The period of validity of consumables of Lead Tech is one year. Clients can check the date through label. Meanwhile, the ink and top-up printer uses are both chemical material, which should be stored in well-ventilated place and away from sunlight.

When purchasing the ink and top-up, pay attention to the model. The consumables machine uses should be the ones that manufacturer specifies, in case of the damage to machine caused by improper model.

The suggestions above are precautions, or for reference. To make sure the machine will work normally, practical operation is necessary. If breakdown does appear or emergencies happen, please contact with our professional maintainers immediately and do not operate blindly in case of secondary damage.



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