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How to maintain the printer according to the seasonal changes

Today's machines are very important for maintenance. For us, these methods need to master some specific methods. Therefore, we must pay attention to this aspect, and the methods of machine maintenance will also be affected by different seasons. It is different, and it must be paid attention to. Next, I will share some details with you about: some better ways to maintain cij printers according to the changes of the seasons, I hope this will be helpful to everyone. The first point: Spring is a season of continuous drizzle, especially in the southern area will be affected by the rainy season. At this time, the cij printer is very susceptible to the impact of wet weather, which leads to the occurrence of delays in the start-up time. If this is the case, this requires relevant countermeasures. The second point: In autumn, we generally do not encounter so many printer malfunctions in summer. In summer, it is easy to cause problems such as nozzle clogging, ink hanging, poor printing quality, etc., and it will also occur in autumn. Obviously relieved. The gradual decrease in temperature is also good for the inkjet printer, which reduces the high-load operation and ensures that the temperature in the chassis is at a normal value. There are two benefits for the circuit board and ink circuit system: one is that the working pressure of the circuit board will be reduced, and the probability of problems will also be greatly reduced; the second is that the solvent volatilization of the ink circuit consumption will also be significantly reduced. . For our users, the direct effect of the reduction in volatility is the reduction in solvent usage, which increases our production value while reducing costs, which is beneficial and harmless.   The third point: In the autumn, when we use cij printers, we should prevent long-term downtime, especially pigment inks with special materials such as white ink and blue ink. It should also prevent long-term use of ink channels and nozzles from clogging. Although the temperature is low, the problem of clogging should also be paid attention to by our users. After the inkjet printers of different models are stopped, they need to be cleaned according to the operating rules to ensure that the nozzles and pipes are not used for a long time or for a long time. Inside is saturated with cleaning agent. In this way, we will find that the inkjet printer can be turned on very smoothly when the machine is turned on the next time. Some methods for maintaining the printer in different seasons are shared with you in detail here. I hope you can master some specific skills when operating, and you need to do the corresponding maintenance, so that our machine can Able to run better.

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