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How to maintain the printer after using it?

Now we need to use a lot of machines in our production. These machines are very important to us. Therefore, after they are used up, they must be properly maintained. For us, this is also Very important, I will share with you some details about: some specific maintenance measures that should be paid attention to after using the cij printer, I hope this will be helpful to everyone.   1. Before going to work, it is necessary to check whether the various parts of the printer are in good condition and whether the position of the mounting bracket of the nozzle is correct and reasonable. The nozzle is the most important of the machine, and the precision parts must be handled with care during the operation to avoid collisions, so as not to damage the nozzle components. 2. Check whether there is residual dust and ink on the surface of the nozzle every shift. If there is dust, you must first remove the dust and then rinse the nozzle and the surface of the nozzle with a cleaning agent to ensure that the nozzle hole is not blocked. After that, you need to use the keyboard of the host to choose to clean the nozzle, and observe whether the nozzle is normally inkjet, and it can be used after it is normal. 3. If you need to stop for more than 4 hours, you need to use a special cleaning machine to flush the nozzle holes. After the flushing is completed, you need to use the nozzle cleaning function on the host keyboard to perform a strong spray cleaning, and then perform normal inkjet. Downtime. 4. If the printer needs to be shut down for more than 3 days, please use a special cleaning agent to flush the nozzle orifice surface, and at the same time change the ink to a special cleaning agent to clean the pipeline and the cavity inside the nozzle to ensure that the pipeline and nozzle are inside There is no residual ink, these are cleaning agents.  5. Different models and different manufacturers' inks cannot be mixed. Due to different formulas, it is easy to cause the residual ink chemical reaction to deteriorate the ink, which will block the nozzles. 6. When replacing the ink, avoid dirt from falling into the ink tank. This will contaminate the ink. Check whether the sealing ring at the cover of the ink tank is intact. After replacing the ink, you need to inject compressed air and check the pipes and joints No leakage is allowed, and after replacing the ink, the air must be discharged with the ink discharge valve at the nozzle, so as to ensure that there is no residual air in the pipeline. The maintenance measures for the cij printer are shared with you in detail here. I hope everyone should pay attention to some details when performing corresponding operations. This is also very important for our machines. It must be taken seriously.

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