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How to maintain the small character inkjet printer after the Spring Festival holiday?

After a long holiday during the Spring Festival, many factories have now started production, and production lines have gradually returned to normal. After a long period of downtime, the small character cij printer, which is an important identification partner of the production line, also needs to be put into the next busy stage. it's here. It is recommended that after a long period of rest, the small character inkjet printer should be started and tested according to certain steps to reach the peak state of small character inkjet printer production as soon as possible. After a long period of shutdown, the small character inkjet printer needs to follow the standard steps to correctly perform the startup behavior. After the machine is fully in state, perform trial operation steps to gradually restore the machine to a state of high-speed operation. After the small character cij printer is used, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the small character cij printer. Check the ink and solvent usage of the small character inkjet printer to ensure that the ink and solvent are not condensed or expired. When opening the nozzle of the small character inkjet printer, pay attention to it carefully to prevent violence from causing problems to the machine.

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