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How to maintain the small character inkjet printer

How to maintain the small character inkjet printer? If the machine is not maintained in time, it is easy to break. Whether it is a good machine or a poor quality machine, these need to be properly maintained. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of problems. Need to do a good job of understanding, then, how to do a good job in the maintenance of the small character inkjet printer? Next, I will tell you in detail about the method. Method 1: Pay attention to the environment where the machine is stored. The working environment of the indoor small-character inkjet equipment is also very particular. It is generally not suitable to be placed in a dusty place, so it is easy to enter the main ink cartridge and then to the auxiliary ink cartridge, and then enter the coding The printer nozzle affects the printing effect of the printer nozzle and shortens the service life of the printer nozzle. Therefore, we must pay attention to the corresponding maintenance in this regard to avoid some unnecessary things from happening.  Method 2: Pay attention to the operation method of the small-character cij printer.   The nozzle part on the nozzle surface of the inkjet printer should not rub against any objects, which can easily cause the fine hair to hang on the nozzle surface of the inkjet printer. Cause the cij printer to block the head and drip ink, thereby affecting the inkjet printing effect of the printer. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this aspect, and every accessory on the machine should not be removed at will.  Method 3: Pay attention to the quality of the ink used  The quality of the ink directly affects the quality of the picture and the print head. It is best to use the ink recommended by the equipment manufacturer, and not to add some other things to the ink. The print head must be cleaned before shutting down and power off. This can ensure the print head condition and coding quality, and also extend the service life of the print head to a certain extent. The above is a detailed description of how to do a good job in the maintenance of small character cij printers. I hope that friends with this machine can do the corresponding maintenance knowledge to avoid causing certain economic losses to themselves. This is also a better way to save resources. method.

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