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How to use hand-held printers to prevent fires

Hand-held cij printers, also known as portable inkjet printers, can be carried with you to print, light and easy to operate. Hand-held inkjet printers are different from small character inkjet printers, large character inkjet printers, high resolution cij printers and laser cij printers. They are suitable for companies that do not require high production speeds. Printed products need a certain size. There are various fonts such as solid, grid, hollow body and colorful clouds. It can be sprayed with trademark patterns, Chinese and English fonts, numbers, and barcodes. The printing height is generally about 2-27mm.

Application range of inkjet printers

Hand-held inkjet printers are widely used in the packaging of food, beverages, alcohol, etc., as well as various steel pipes and woven bags. Because of their portable, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, Customized according to customer requirements, the use location can be in the workshop, or warehouse, logistics freight yard, office, etc., can print the production date, operation serial number, production shift number, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing code (or invisible characters), company name, graphic icon Etc.

How to use the handheld inkjet printer

1. The handheld inkjet printer is different from other equipment. The principle is to rely on electrostatic deflection, so it must be well grounded. If the grounding is not good, static electricity will accumulate to a certain extent, which may cause sparks and fire. At the same time, if the grounding is poor, it may cause problems such as poor print quality and ink dot splitting. Therefore, be sure to ground the printer.

2. As we all know, water is conductive in most cases. Therefore, water cannot be mixed in the ink, solvent and cleaning solution of the printer. The printer needs to accurately charge the ink dots. Therefore, the printer's ink is particularly sensitive to moisture. During use, care must be taken to prevent fire. Any used cleaning materials, such as paper towels used for wiping, have a fire hazard. These materials must be recycled and safely disposed of after use. Do not extinguish them with water. If the fire caused by nitrocellulose ink can only be extinguished with water, the power must be disconnected first.

3, the ink and solvent of the printer are corrosive, so try to avoid polluting the skin, eyes, nose, etc. If you accidentally drip it, please rinse it quickly with plenty of water for a quarter of an hour. If you feel uncomfortable after cleaning, seek medical advice. Most inks contain components that are volatile and are inhaled into the lungs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation equipment in the place where the handheld cij printer is used.

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