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If the correct nozzle cleaning tablet printer? - - - - - -

Flat-panel printers to print any material, can be directly on the object imaging, can print concave and convex surface of the workpiece material, no film plate making, need not tinted, does not plug nozzle. Suitable for garments, following, wine bottles, wine box, wood, glass, plastic, leather, mobile phones, U disk, vases, PVC, EVA, ABS material such as custom design, production of various kinds of pictorial art personality like, craft souvenirs, promotional products, gifts, etc. Flat printer to print a imaging technology, color bright, clear images, waterproof wash, friction resistance, can be preserved for a long time. But, as long as the machine must be necessary for daily maintenance! Regular cleaning maintenance for flat-panel printers, nozzle is important, but do you really will correct cleaning flat laser printing machine nozzle? First, before starting the cleaning universal flat-panel printer nozzle need to be ready with a screwdriver, syringes, nozzle cleaning fluid. Step 1: turn off the power supply, to ensure safety. Then use a screwdriver remove the tablet the lid of the printer on the nose, the printer nozzle and complete line down. Will notice row line protection is good, need not the liquid drop in online, prevent damage of ribbon cable. Step 2: syringe to learn proper professional nozzle cleaning fluid, in turn, slow injection nozzle ink absorption of the mouth, until there is no residual ink out, would shower let stand. So you finished? Not enough! Many people the wrong thought that this work can be completed at a time, but want to residual ink nozzle fully clean, also need many times, in turn, slow injection nozzle cleaning fluid, make of the ink channels unblocked. After still need need rocking sprinkler, nozzle test whether there is residual ink. After repeated operation and test found no residual ink out of nozzle, nozzle fluid clean without impurities, it almost complete nozzle cleaning. Step 3: use clean syringes, which in turn slowly into the air, dry spray ink channel, fast clean nozzle internal dry state, the nozzle maintenance is done. If you still need to continue to work, the nozzle is installed flat-panel printers can be back. If you will have a period of time don't use the machine, use plastic wrap to nozzle, protect the nozzle, placed in a dry location can be properly kept. You have learned?

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