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Improving the core technology of inkjet printers is the most important knowledge for producing high-quality inkjet printers

Nowadays, the market competition in various industries is extremely fierce. Regarding how to improve the core technology of laser cij printers, they have their own clever methods. Follow me to find out. How to improve the core technology of laser printing machine      One, software upgrade. The software is often matched with purely domestic laser printers. Some powerful laser machine manufacturers carry out independent software development. On the one hand, it is to better match the hardware and maximize the speed that the hardware can achieve. It is for expansion, so that the software has a more flexible and richer development space, which is very beneficial to the needs of customers in the later period. For example, variable barcodes, two-dimensional code data transmission, and marking are now more popular. The laser machine needs to have the ability to communicate, and it needs to be equipped with a complete communication protocol guide to better facilitate the connection between us and other intelligent equipment on the production line. Data interoperability; in addition, it is connected to the MES or ERP system in the factory, and realizes the classification and identification of different products through quantitative data generation, transmission, and marking. Both of these have new requirements for the machine's software.   2. Hardware upgrade. In terms of hardware, the most important thing is whether the 'hard parameters' such as the quality, stability, and speed of the laser (laser tube) and polarizer system pass the test. The quality of these hardware will directly affect some important parameters of the laser machine, such as laser power, Laser frequency, jump speed, scribing speed, dotting time, spot mode, beam divergence angle, etc.  Because the inkjet printer's working method is electric field deflection type continuous printing, so in a narrow sense, the control skills that touch this aspect can be regarded as the focus skills, including the following aspects. 1. Ink dot charging control technique, from ink line to ink dot, from ink dot charging to breaking to deflection and acceptance, this requires a mature and stable control method;    2. Ink dot phase detection technique, more phases The detection can obtain a higher phase detection resolution, thereby ensuring the superiority of the printing results. This technique is the most important factor in determining the printing quality and speed of the inkjet printer. This also requires a mature and stable control method;    Three, ink viscosity and Temperature control techniques to ensure that the stable ink viscosity and temperature can ensure the stability of charging and breaking, so as to achieve stable printing results without being affected by the situation. This requires superior layout and engineering fluid planning;    Fourth, active cleaning control techniques, this item The skills include the active cleaning function of the switch machine, the goal is to ensure that the printer is out of order at any time, which must have a perfect control method to control the realization. In addition to the above four aspects, the focus skills of cij printers also include software algorithms and nozzle production. The above is the inkjet printer equipment. What are the main points of the small-character inkjet printer used in frozen food coding schemes for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, please go to the laser cij printer official website: http:// /Leave a message to tell the editor!

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