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In the fall of the same - not the same fashion

National Day holiday balance has insufficient! Vacation will end with cold and rain, autumn to the cool wind, blew away the summer heat, it also means that the autumn is coming. We have summer fall can be replaced, hooded fleece, round collar fleece, zipper fleece, and so on, is not only simple, and keep warm, can meet the demand of our outfit. In recent years, along with the movement of the world by storm tide, more and more people pay attention to the fitness strong body, a fleece also body become to street hipster favorite modern sheet is tasted. Also can do custom design. On the fleece printed on our favorite pattern, and even photos, text can be. How to customize the fleece? 1, determine the fleece purposes. Custom fleece has a variety of different purposes, either as a creative gift to others, at the same time also can be used as its own exclusive fleece. 2, determine the custom designs, pictures or text. Character and personality pattern is the most important material as fleece custom. Choose the right design, custom exclusive fleece. 3, T-shirt printer directly order. Use custom T-shirt laser printing machine, directly on the fleece custom colorful designs, pictures or text, photo level high reduction printing effect, can be washed by hand machine washable, give you don't like autumn. T-shirt printers allow you to customize your new fashion! Choose a T-shirt laser printing machine, customize your exclusive fleece! Save more money! ! ! Sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569

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