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In which areas are large-character inkjet printers mainly used?

Large-character cij printers are ideal for printing variable information, such as barcodes, dates, ingredients, trademarks, and graphics on boxes and shipping boxes. These printers combine high-resolution printing with a simple user interface to make information selection and printing faster, simpler, and almost error-free. Ruirun 2300 series inkjet printers can print high-resolution texts, barcodes and trademarks with a pre-printed appearance and a height of up to 70mm (single print head).

Large character inkjet printers are widely used in product mobile phone displays, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloys, batteries, plastic pipes, steel plates, woven bags, eggs, brake pads, mobile phone shells, Carton, motor, transformer, water meter inner panel, gypsum board, PCB circuit board, outer packaging, spray-printed metal, and other materials on the surface. The content of large-character inkjet printers is not rich enough. The application scope of large-character inkjet printers has expanded from fast-moving industries such as beverages and mineral water to industries such as wire and cable, steel pipe building materials, and cardboard boxes. In addition to the function of printing the production date, the cij printer can also use the laser cij printer for permanent marking to prevent the circulation of counterfeit products. The laser industrial inkjet printer is a new type of printer product, and it has become a popular Internet celebrity product on the market. Because the effect printed by the laser industrial inkjet printer is particularly easy to be recognized, it is also easy to be wiped off or worn away, so the laser printing machine The anti-counterfeiting effect of the cij printer is very good.

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