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Ink inkjet printers help companies achieve anti-counterfeiting and traceability, and one code has become a development trend

Anti-counterfeiting traceability has always been a concern of all walks of life. With the development of science and technology, inkjet printer equipment has more and more functions, not only can be used for inkjet printing, but also can be used for anti-counterfeiting traceability. Due to the mixed market, counterfeit and inferior products are common, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between ordinary products and fake and inferior products, which harms the interests of consumers and enterprises. In this context, the 'one item, one code' anti-counterfeiting traceability technology came into being. The single-item one-code technology is to distribute each product online or offline through the encoding device, and the data collection function binds the products one to one. The traceable source code of the ink jet printer equipment on the product packaging is a two-dimensional code, bar code, etc., so consumers and law enforcement agencies can scan the code to obtain detailed product information. How to prevent the source code from being destroyed? Data information can capture the number of times the source code has been queried. If it is the first query, you can basically determine that the product is genuine. This also eliminates consumers' worries about buying second-hand and inferior products. Scanning the code to obtain information does not require any identification skills, and the results are true and reliable, which greatly improves the brand's reputation and consumers' trust in the brand, and thus stands out in the fierce food market competition. The traceable source code is based on one object one code technology. The representation method can be two-dimensional code, barcode, one-dimensional code, etc. The specific code format used can be determined according to the actual situation. manufacturers provide inkjet coding equipment, and their service tenet is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality and stable inkjet coding equipment. When the equipment is printed on the machine, it will not directly touch the surface of the article, nor will it damage the food packaging. Printed logos usually have the characteristics of high adhesion and abrasion resistance, which can guarantee the long-term code information provided by barcodes and 2D. Packaging ink coding equipment not only has fast printing speed and wide application range, but also can mark the surface of various materials with high quality. Its variable data printing feature can solve a kind of coding, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling problems. The above is the content shared today. I feel that the editor of the inkjet printer manufacturer has shared it well. You can follow the official website of the cij printer:, if you need to know the printer equipment, please call us: 020-87227827

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