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Inkjet printers are becoming more and more important in the food industry

Food traceability has always been a key focus of the country and the food industry. In order to effectively reduce the occurrence of food safety incidents, on December 30, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the 'General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Promotion of Important Product Traceability System Opinions on Construction. Opinions pointed out that the construction of the traceability system is an effective measure to collect and record information about product production, circulation, consumption and other links, so that the source can be found, whereabouts can be traced, and responsibilities can be investigated, so as to strengthen the quality and safety management and risk control of the whole process.

Food traceability is the use of the Internet of Things technology to collect food data information, linear traceability from production to sales, and 'investigation' in all aspects of food safety. Consumers can master the production of food during the traceability process , Delivery, ingredients, date of use, quality inspection certificates, logistics certificates and other information to maximize the protection of consumer rights and maintain market order.

In the construction of the food traceability system, two-dimensional codes and barcodes are indispensable food identification. Consumers can scan barcodes and trace the source code to obtain all the information from food production to sales, so as to protect their own Benefit. The two-dimensional traceable source code and the traceable barcode are unique and cannot be copied, and each food has its own traceable source code and barcode, which is what people often call 'one code for one thing'.

It is worth mentioning that in the process of building a food traceability system, cij printers play an important role. The most direct manifestation lies in the printing of traceable source codes and barcodes. The inkjet printer assigns the traceable source code to the food. Consumers only need to scan the code to query the traceable source code of the food, and they can find all traceability information in the whole life cycle of the food, including manual input of production, circulation or sales information, as well as perception Perceived data information automatically collected by the device.

Clarity and obviousness are the prerequisites for food packaging labeling, and it is also the key to judging whether the food complies with laws and regulations and whether it has traceability, and the quality of the printing directly determines the packaging labeling information Effectiveness. Food packaging materials are different, including metal cans, glass bottles, paper containers, plastic, PET bottles, vacuum cartons, corrugated boxes and other packaging materials. Different packaging materials have different requirements for the material adaptability of the printing and marking equipment. .

When the inkjet printer is printing, it does not directly touch the surface of the article, and will not damage the food itself and the food packaging, and the printed logo has the characteristics of high adhesion, abrasion resistance, clear, obvious, etc. , Which can guarantee the long-term availability of traceable barcodes and two-dimensional traceable source codes in the food circulation process, and meet the national requirements for food labeling. Relying on the advantages of stable performance, high reliability, fast speed, and low power consumption, inkjet printers are increasingly widely used in the food industry.

The cij printer can print barcodes, QR codes, batch numbers, dates, shifts and serial numbers, etc. Whether it is packaged in glass, paper, plastic, etc., under high temperature or humidity, or in a cold and low temperature production environment, it can also achieve good printing quality.

The inkjet printer saves consumables and reduces costs. It uses a universal international keyboard and a ruby u200bu200bnozzle, which is durable and consistent in quality. Use edible ink, high temperature resistance, strong oil resistance, the ink system is derived from the latest German technology, stable operation, suitable for long-term use. Focusing on quality and focusing on service are the reasons for customers' final choice, and we will always stick to this philosophy to go on!

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