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Introduction to co2 laser marking machine can engraving on rubber products?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-18

in front of the share of small make up brought about silicone products for everyone to use laser marking machine engraving the logo of the share, maybe there will be a small number of customers will have such a wonder: 'since the silicone products are able to use laser marking machine, rubber products can be used? 'In the share small make up will be rubber products as the theme, with you to discuss the rubber products marking can adopt laser marking technology?

rubber and silicone products there is a certain difference, rubber products mainly by natural and synthetic rubber as raw material to produce a commodity, such as rubber gloves are so common, tires, etc. Rubber industry for our country to make significant contributions to the development of national economy. With the development of industry, more and more rubber products manufacturers, in the increasingly fierce competitive environment, in order to highlight their own brand, will need to be clear on commodities the trademark information. Such as manufacturers, brands, barcode, coding, model, etc. , traditional machining processing form is directly, or use the form such as printing, label directly. This processing under the form of tag information or there is a loss, or is ambiguous, moreover is the low efficiency, cannot meet production requirements.

in order to solve the traditional processing form, facing a series of problems in wei according to jie for the rubber products industry provides the co2 laser marking machine, is one of the laser marking machine series, can rapid processing on the surface of rubber products, and keep the surface of the inherent characteristics of rubber products, print the tag information of lasting, anti counterfeit, prevent string goods exquisite, high quality, high resolution, etc, and don't need material also requires no additional processing. Can improve production efficiency, and satisfy the customer for the trademark, type, logo, design and print information.

small make up before the end of the share in the share of a rubber products will appear in the marking problem: rubber carbon dioxide using co2 laser marking machine no trace problems. Will appear such problems mainly because: 1, the cause of the laser itself, or is not out of the light, or the light is too weak does not meet the need. 2, don't put the rubber on the focus position and is usually caused by previous print a trace can't print now. 3, the wavelength of laser and beaten mark rubber products do not match, most of the light transmission or scattering, the heat generated by the rubber surface is not enough to produce trace. 4, marking there is something wrong with the setting of process parameters. Face these problems, the need for laser marking equipment adjustment and examination of the parameters, laser, etc, in marking should check before testing.

above all is to share something about rubber products play target, in fact, co2 laser marking machine can be conducted on rubber products brand, manufacturer of coding, bar code, the information such as tag, but individual rubber products may use other types of laser marking machine may have a better effect of a marking, so businessmen in choosing a laser marking machine to use different types of laser marking on the equipment in the same product test results.
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