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Introduction to optical fiber laser marking machine in the application of laptop computers and other electronic products

although not all laptops have a product, but the phone is a product of the vast majority of people contact with every day, actually like mobile phones, computers, televisions, cameras and other electronic products are to come into contact with the products we use in our everyday life. Electronic products in the early design is based on tube as the original, and named it electronic products, simple and easy to understand. The development of electronic products for the development of society and of the intimate contact, technology is not mature at an early age when the businessman did not occur to you to design your own logo on the product, but later with the increase of competition, the enterprise businesses think brand logo displayed on the goods is particularly important, therefore will use paper label, or of tag is the traditional method.

but with the continuous development of the laser marking machine and technology, more and more electronic industry merchants think paper label and the method of traditional markers there are too many problems, not only can not improve their brand reveal force, at the same time also made the powerful rival conditions, let it do the generic greatly reduces the consumers for goods brand trust. Paper tag page is easy to tear up, it will also change over time, and the impact of external factors, make the information on the label is only a blur. And traditional marking way not only work efficiency is slow, and the printed tag also can't satisfy the business diversification demand in electronics industry and for the laser laser printing machine is both opportunity and challenge.

in order to be able to help businesses solve the problem of electronic product identification, some companies began to try to introduce optical fiber laser marking machine for laser marking of electronic products code. After a period of the test show that the laser technology is more than the traditional way of tag. Traditional logo for printing only in appearance, and requires a certain amount of consumables, and the type of ink has a pungent taste, printed logo is not careful, not only cannot achieve the ideal effect also brings serious pollution to the environment. In contrast, optical fiber laser laser laser marking machine is not, won't appear a series of problem in traditional markers.

both laptops, mobile phones, TV and other types of electronic product manufacturers are all hope to be able to reveal their own brands, thus will be on the back of the product or is a particular mark on the surface of the product on their own logo, product number, security code and some other relevant information. Businesses and enterprises have certain requirements for this type of information, hope these information looks elegant and unique, can exert a subtle influence for consumers to remember, so the play mark information to guarantee without extrusion or wear state. The use of optical fiber technology what are obvious features of laser marking machine?

one of, its electro-optical conversion rate is extremely high, the output beam quality is very good, better reliability, so mark effect is better.

second, laser machine mainly USES the way of the cold air for cooling, the overall volume is small, does not occupy too many places.

third, marking way to non-contact marking, won't cause harm to the electronic product itself.

its 4, logo and text information and permanent, zero consumables marking can rise to protect the environment pollution effects, anti-counterfeiting.

all in all, like notebook computer, electronic product identification information such as we can be done through the optical fiber laser marking machine, of course, in addition to optical fiber laser code conversion is also can choose ultraviolet laser marking machine or other types of laser machine to mark information. Current laser printer in the use of electronic products has been more and more widely, believe the future will also get the favour of more manufacturers.

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