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Introduction to the laser marking machine on the hairy crabs use really safe?

before maybe we will seldom come into contact with the hairy crab, aquatic products, in addition to a few people near the sea they will eat regularly, but for some people without sea area and they will not regular consumption of this kind of food. Because the hairy crabs enclosed is more vitamin A is helpful for human body skin keratinization, and for some children, detained building disease or osteoporosis is help the elderly, so there will be many consumers will buy hairy crabs. At home relatively famous yangcheng lake, taihu, gucheng lake crabs and long lake and so on, so businesses should how to do ability to let the consumer to distinguish different brands of hairy crabs?

when consumers buy hairy crab is not hard to find some businessmen in order to be able to separate their own brand of hairy crabs in area, will be wearing a note card on the hairy crab, it contains the brand and anti-counterfeiting code and other important information. But this kind of label is easy to imitate some undesirable businessman to mislead consumers, we all know that in recent years, a lot of goods there is pirated goods mountain, once consumers did not carefully see will deceived, because they are the difference only lies in between the small gap. And label paper to meet the condition of the missing after water is easy to appear, along with the development of the laser marking machine in recent years, companies have started to try to use laser marking machine to replace the existence of the id card.

but using laser marking machine for hairy crab itself is really safe? Will not bring harm to human body health and crab itself? In the guangzhou elegant. prosper logo can be very clear with you say it's not the case, why? Because the laser marking is a kind of relatively green marking form, is in line with national safety monitoring standard form of a tag. Traditional label, has been in use in aquatic products, they will be affected by water, soaking in the water is not too long time, but the laser marking machine completely don't have to worry about appear this kind of circumstance, main show is the following:

1, the most straightforward way to introduce a laser BiaoYong is a knife on the crab shell carving, one will be the necessary information in crab carved on the surface, so it is a kind of environmental protection and safety practices.

2, due to the laser marking machine marking way are different from traditional way of spray print, it can realize assembly line engraving marking, also can achieve dynamic online marking.

3, compared with the traditional marking, laser marking is more convenient, quick, only need to set up parameters before use either, for marking speed can be according to the requirements in terms of randomness.

4, upon the completion of the identification information, will not because the crab need to soak in water for a long time and affected its clarity, even at the same time take boiled, steamed, the shell's identity information is clear, no will not be affected, it can let the consumer remember more clearly, prompt the brand publicity.

5, laser marking machine engraving range and depth are in mm, ultra precision marking model can solve the problem of consumers on food safety concerns, and a target range will not involve the crab meat inside, just the shell surface.

all in all, the zero consumables for laser marking machine, no pollution, environmental protection and fine play the device for use on the crab is better, there are a lot of aquatic products industry began to try to use this new technology equipment, make a kind of new marketing model, get the favour of a lot of aquatic products enterprises.

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