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Introduction to wei in accordance with the express high-resolution packaging printing machine of those things

Introduction to wei according to jie high-resolution packaging jet. the those thing source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 26 0

small make up to you in the previous article brings about a few VIIJET small characters jet. the related introduction, in the share, however, small make up to pack to bring about high resolution jet. the information sharing. The high resolution printing machine is the third generation of high resolution technology, has the characteristics of LGCS control technology with WiFi link, used the combination of variable data printing system, based on HP TIJ2. Five generations ( Hot foaming inkjet) Technology development of high resolution, high speed printing printing system, has the marking speed of 120 meters per minute, to be able to cooperate with all kinds of packing line, assembly line print high resolution, high quality of the text, Numbers, bar code, images, and other variable data.

Smart high-resolution cij printer design features: full variable data printing, can print database and real-time data; Can print barcode types covers all widely used formats; The built-in WiFi, can pass LPCS terminal for print and online networking management; Full metal jacket, industrial design, make its more durable; Use HP original driver board, have a higher printing quality. Infinite nozzle authentication technology, a more reliable, the characteristics of intelligence; 10. 1 inch touch screen makes operation more simple.

Smart high resolution laser marking machine for the ink medium difference: 1 ink has a good color fastness and waterproof performance, to the end of the white paper, coated paper, coated medium such as permeability and half permeability material; 9 ink printing most of the plastic, metal, thin film, PVC, non absorbent material such as coating; 17 ink has four times the super black and super province, low extensibility ink, special offer for low resolution in writing paper, board, building materials, cartons and other absorbent material to print bar code words.

Smart high-resolution jet. the product main features: adopts the HP foaming inkjet technology, with multiple sets of DPBOX cascade technology, support 12 inches wide printing; Each DPBOX system maximum six DPBOX, each 1 ~ 4 nozzle is controlled, the width of a single nozzle is 0. 5 inches by 12. 7 mm; Between multiple nozzle can be seamless splicing, the software can be set up specific stitching accuracy; In convenient can choose water-based ink, ink and all kinds of invisible ink, fluorescent ink HP certification of ink; Software has the function of preventing weight code, automatically identify print database, database associated with color display page layout barcode do distinguish correctly linked data, UPS power to prevent data loss; Can print, digital variable data, such as various one dimensional code and qr code graphics class may be used; With hd resolution ( 600*600DPI) , the effect is clear and beautiful, and so on.

Smart high-resolution cij printer can use in a variety of packaging industry, paper industry, as well as tags used in the industry, mainly for the printing, paper manufacturers provide complex graphics, various types of one-dimensional code, qr code, bar code, number, character. In some of the material such as wood, paper box, leather goods will also be able to achieve very good printing effect, with a variety of substrates.

all in all, a Smart hd spurt the cij printer in the application of outsourcing box industry is still relatively broad, can help merchants solve the problem of identity information assigned code of this commodity, high-resolution spurt the cij printer relative to the other machine is on the use and the function has a certain advantage, hope this sharing to want to understand outsourcing box jet. the user help.

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